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Are you going through a difficult time and need support? It's a time of change and you need to structure and refocus? Whether it is to change a bad habit, to manage your stress, to accompany you in the mourning or just to put you in march towards a new version of you, I am at your service to help you to cross these moments in the respect and the most strict integrity.

According to your needs, I will accompany you by integrating several approaches (hypnosis, narrative approach, symbolic rituals, meditation, etc.) to offer you a follow-up that corresponds to you and takes into account all aspects of your being.



The path to the meditative state is a great discovery and is a powerful experience for practitioners with extremely positive and immediate effects on their lives. In this state of mindful stillness, one can often experience a better management of emotions, more resilience and a sense of well-being and balance.

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Ericksonian hypnosis is a form of hypnosis in which the client is the focus of the consultation. The therapist becomes the facilitator of a change in which you are the actor. The applications of hypnosis are numerous: pain management, habit change, anxiety reduction, sleep recovery, etc.

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Finding your ikigai is an introspective, rich and creative process. During my coaching with ikigai, my role as a coach is to question you, to make you dig deeper into the themes that emerge and to work on the blocks and fears that limit your fulfilment.

Follow-up at practice or online.


Blog Posts

September 7, 2023

The brain under hypnosis

What happens in our brains during the hypnotic state? What does science have to say?

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December 18, 2023

ADHD in adults: still not well known

ADD/ADHD doesn't just affect children - it can also have serious consequences for adults.

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Curious to the core of my being, I like to play with ideas, to put problems on the head. I have found in Humans an inexhaustible source of things to discover and I never cease to be amazed by our complexity and our ability to reinvent ourselves.

I founded l’Allié, a space dedicated to helping everyone to (re)find their coherence and become their own ally on the path of life, because l’allié of your change is none other than yourself and my presence only aims to facilitate the process to let emerge and water what is already present.

I welcome you in a warm and confidential setting where you can explore in confidence.

I also offer consultations in english.

Rouge FM interview

Hypnosis, coaching, stress, covid and meaning? I'm on Sonia Mazza's microphone on Rouge.

Testimony of Nathalie

"Leslie is a great help to me. Her kindness, her understanding listening, her serenity and her positive energy reassure me. Her ability to identify my difficulties, to reformulate, structure and crystallize what I share with her helps me to clarify my ideas, to progress in my reflections and to envisage other alternatives of thought, behaviour and life. I appreciate the variety and in order to alleviate stress and encourage a move towards a more meaningful and positive life experience. Thank you."

Testimony of Gaïane

"Leslie, with her gentle and soothing voice, was able to accompany me and guide me on my inner paths to help me (re)find keys that will certainly accompany me later on, consciously or not. She perfectly masters her "treatments", carried out with an absolute benevolence that is without a doubt her trademark. Thank you Leslie!"

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